Social media marketing can seem like the easiest, lowest cost marketing option that is often assigned to any employee with a spare moment to post a meme or a GIF. Unfortunately, simply having a profile and posting randomly will have very different results than executing an organic and paid social media marketing strategy.


To help you maximize the potential of social media marketing we offer 2 options that can be combined or done on an individual basis.


Social Media Advertising: 

We get your brand and/or product in front of the right audience with ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube depending on your objectives. We target prospects using demographics, interests and online behaviour and set up remarketing to capture those who bounce off your site with follow up ads. We measure results and provide reports along with suggestions for improvement.


Influencer Marketing Campaign & Social Media Strategy:

We do an audit of your social media efforts and help you determine which platforms make sense for the content you want to share and your target demographic. We do a competitor analysis and connect with influencers in your industry to expand your reach and tap into a loyal following. We set you up for success by creating a plan to generate reports and measure metrics. 

Ready to turn social media into a revenue generation tool? Let's do it!

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