How does paid search marketing work?


Let's say you have a product that a potential customer is looking for. They type a search query into Google using a particular phrase or keywords related to your product or service. Based on our keyword targeting, your ad would appear at the top of the page. If they click the ad, you get qualified, relevant traffic to your landing page and you pay (hence the name Pay-Per-Click). Now, let's say they browse your products and leave without purchasing. Remarketing allows us to show your ad to them again on other third party websites to encourage them to come back and buy.


In another example, let's say you want to increase brand awareness to a certain audience who may not be searching for anything in particular. Display advertising allows us to show ads on websites that are a part of Google's display network where your target audience tends to be spending time online. 

To create successful ad campaigns, we will:


While SEO focuses on driving organic traffic to your site, paid search marketing is an important part of a robust digital marketing strategy. 


Often referred to as internet marketing or online advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) gets your brand, product or message in front of a relevant audience. Depending on your goals and client profile, we will recommend usually a combination of Pay-Per-Click (PPC), display advertising, re-marketing ads, or social media advertising.


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